Quick Charge Pro

Quick Charge Pro - Safely Charge up to 4 Devices at One Time

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Quick Charge Pro’s modern fast-charging system ensures that all of your fast-charging devices charge 4x faster, and never run the risk of overheating or “blowing up”. You can safely charge up to 4 devices at one time, and go about your day or night worry-free!

Charge Your Smartphone and Other Devices 4x Faster

A Powerful, Adaptive Charger With Intelligent Surge Protection

ULTRA-FAST Charging:
QC 3.0 technology is 4 times faster - Go from 0%-70% in 35 minutes
Charging Ports:
Charge all of your devices at once
Surge Protection:
Intelligent Current Recognition ensures your devices won’t overheat, overcharge, or short circuit.
Save Time and Space:
Clean up clutter and use all 4 ports for fast charging at one time